May 23, 2024
  • 11:00 am First Aid Training
  • 11:14 pm Check out our updated training page


All new adults who take on a role within Scouting are required to complete some key modules. These include, Safety, Safeguarding, GDPR and Essential Information (Module 1). Once these are completed you are entitled to wear the ‘Gilwell Insignia’.

Meet with your Training Adviser


Everyone is assigned a TA during the appointments process. This may be someone in your group or from across the district. All TA’s are fully trained and able to support you on your learning journey.

If you don’t have a TA (which should be assigned on compass) speak to your GSL or the Local Training Manager.

Create a Learning Plan (Module 2)


Your TA will confirm which modules are relevant to your role and agree a completion date for them. The getting started modules MUST be completed within 5 months of your role start date. It is advisable to begin these courses prior to the application process beginning.

The remaining modules must be completed within 3 years.

Validation is essential for every module. However, prior experience may mean that you do not have to undertake learning for every module.

Complete e-Learning


Prior experience does NOT count for any of the getting started modules.

These e-Learning modules take between 30 minutes and an hour and a certificate is provided at the end of each module.

Validate your Learning


All of the Getting Started modules (except 3&4) can be validated by submitting the certificate produced at the end of each module to your TA (or GSL)

Module 3 or 4 must be validated by a discussion / sharing of evidence with your TA.


A ‘Wood Badge’ (or wood beads) show that an adult has completed all the necessary training for their current role. They are based on wooden beads from a necklace which Baden-Powell awarded to the first Scout Leaders he trained.

Meet with your Training Adviser


This could be included in your initial meeting. If not, by now you should have had several opportunities to meet with your TA during your ‘Getting Started’ training.

If you aren’t sure who they are and there is no one listed on compass then contact your line manager or the Local Training Manager (LTM)

Review Learning Plan (Module 2)


Now that you have completed your ‘Getting Started’ training it’s a good idea to review your learning plan with your TA.

You may already have learnt enough to validate another module or two, in which case contact your TA to arrange a validation session.

Then simply check that you are on track to complete any required learning by the agreed dates. You can always adjust these but try to spread them out over the available timeframe and focus on a couple at a time.

You are strongly encouraged to complete Module 10A & 10B (First Aid) as soon as possible if you are in a leadership role.

Validating your learning


It’s a great idea to validate modules as you learn!

It helps give a sense of progress and makes it seem a less daunting task.

Any TA can validate your modules (except for First Aid which requires a qualified trainer)

Recommending a Wood Badge


When you have validated all the modules for your role, your TA will inform the Local Training Manager or Deputy District Commissioner (Training).

They will submit an application to the Surrey County Training Manager who will then quality assure and forward to HQ. Your wood beads and certificate will be sent to the District for presentation.