May 23, 2024
  • 11:00 am First Aid Training
  • 11:14 pm Check out our updated training page

Our district assets are managed by our District Executive (or Trustees).

All of the trustees have a wealth of experience and knowledge from both within, and outside of Scouting to ensure that our assets are well managed.


District ChairmanSarah
District SecretaryHoward
District Treasurer Peter

Ex-Officio Members

District CommissionerKarl
Deputy District CommissionerJohn
District Youth CommissionerOrion SLATER
District Youth CommissionerSam HODGSON

Elected Members

GSL RepresentativeRichard HUNT
ADC Representative Elaine MUSTOW

Co-Opted Members

Boidier Hurst ManagementNigel BIRD
Appointments Committee ChairPat BROOM
Scout Shop ManagerJoyce NICHOLAS
Support Team ManagerClare