Annual Report

AGM and Annual Report

The District AGM was held at NESCOT this year.  Karl Nicholas (as incoming DC) and John Jordan (as outgoing DC) shared the reporting.  Karl drew attention to the Annual Report (available on the District website) and mentioned that for the first time it included Group reports so that everyone could see the excellent work being carried out in Scouting right across the Borough.  Thank you to Howard Park for expertly putting together this years fantastic report.

Karl talked about building up the District’s core team, the new emailed newsletter, the fantastic shop team and the shop’s planned refurbishment and he invited John Jordan (the District Commissioner during the reporting period) to continue the report.

John reported that the District had had a wonderful active year, mentioning the Beavers Party in the Park and outlined the tremendous work achieved by each of the four sections.  He pointed out that our District had had the largest contingent to Scoutabout and that Paul Dawson had again arranged the two fly-pasts by the BBMF at the event. John congratulated the Service Team for their efforts and mentioned that they were looking for new members.  He also praised the shop team, and Carol Priddy (District Administrator) and Sandra Gosden (District Training Manager).  He then went on to give his appreciation of the District Executive mentioning how supportive they had been.  John also highlighted that he was most proud of how fairly the external team had undertaken the selection procedure for the 24th World Jamboree participants.  John ended his report by praising the whole District for their efforts under his ten-year leadership.

The County Commissioner Joe Rogerson thanked John for his ten years’ of service and welcomed Karl into the job, mentioning that he had already hit the ground running with multiple strategies.  Joe reinforced Karl’s message to encourage growth with the slogan “just one more” – if all Sections took “just one more” young person then waiting lists across the District would be significantly reduced.  Joe said that Baden Powell had recommended training for life and that we were still undertaking this work with our “skills for life” programme that headquarters continued to improve.  Joe was most impressed with the high quality of the District’s leaders, he said that the District’s special events were excellent, but he also pointed out the continued success of the weekly meetings.  He encouraged all within the District to remember the “people, programme, places and perception” mantra which would help take the District places in the future.  Joe also presented a number of Service Awards, including 50 years to Alan Mobbs.

The evening ended with a chance for members of the District to catch up with a drink and some cheese and biscuits