Time flies!

Well, they say time flies but the last 6 months have been a whirlwind!

It had started with a growing feeling that it was time that I (chief cook, cleaner, chauffeur, wife, mum, TA at school etc) gave ‘something back’ to 2nd Cuddington with so many opportunities and so much fun over the years.

It progressed very rapidly from the first tentative questions to the Cub team to more questions and form filling one night at dusk with Martin on a bench outside Rowe hall, when I initially thought was going to do my DBS renewal for family camp!

And then so much fun!

The highlights ?………………….. Al l of it!

I never did brownies or guides- it was ‘too girly’ for me and as a result I was a little worried about everything I didn’t know: the jargon, the policies and the traditions. I needn’t have worried. Everyone is so welcoming and there is always someone around who will help or explain, young or old alike. All you have to do is ask!

And so, I’ve been on my first camp and sung at my first campfire, been invested, changed my name and have completed a night hike. Each week, I learn something. I have learnt wide games and knots, and what a flag break and Grand Howl is. I’ve planned and run an evening at Cubs and helped out at Scouts. The New Year brings new challenges such as ‘will I stay on my feet?’ at ice skating with the Cubs and a couple of leader courses to increase my knowledge.

And the lowlights ?

Only a couple that have nothing to do with Scouting and everything to do with my age and waistline! The first was discovering that for my comfort, I need my own thermarest self inflating mat for camp rather than the 1cm thick foam roll mat that my boys have used for years. The second was realising that on the recent Christmas lights trip to London with the Troop, the scouts can run flat out for the train from Charring Cross to platform 1 at Waterloo but I can’t anymore! The only consolation I had, was that we weren’t the only group to miss the train back!

So I never ‘gained’ my Tuesday nights back after my youngest moved to Scouts but instead of chauffeur duty, I have fun with a great group of adults and young people.

I’ve no regrets.


(Julie Roberts, Assistant Cub Scout Leader, 2nd Cuddington)